Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Inventory control important aspects

One of the most important aspects of inventory control is to have the items in stock at the moment they are needed.To maintain an in-stock position of wanted items and to dispose of unwanted items, it is necessary to establish adequate controls over inventory on order and inventory in stock. There are several proven methods for inventory control:
  • Visual control enables the manager to examine the inventory visually to determine if additional inventory is required. In very small businesses where this method is used, records may not be needed at all or only for slow moving or expensive items.
  • Tickler control enables the manager to physically count a small portion of the inventory each day so that each segment of the inventory is counted every so many days on a regular basis.
  • Click sheet control enables the manager to record the item as it is used on a sheet of paper. Such information is then used for reorder purposes.
  • Stub control (used by retailers) enables the manager to retain a portion of the price ticket when the item is sold. The manager can then use the stub to record the item that was sold.

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Hrishi Vardhan said...

Managing inventory as a retailer using spreadsheets is a tedious task. As online selling and retailing business grow the need of inventory control increase. The benefits by adopting inventory control software are high than the budget that you spent for the software. I recommend you to use efficient inventory control software for your business.