Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Online pont of sale features

Online point of sale software should be able to track and record the date-time of every sale ever made in your store. This information is useful for a number of different analytical tasks. For instance, are sales slowing down for tabletop fountains because they are just 'over', or because their sales always drop in the summer months? The most unexpected items turn out to be 'seasonal', and your point of sale software should be able to help you determine what demand is likely to be.

If you are purchasing your first online point of sale system, it is vital that it be able to export your information in a universal format. This is philosophically akin to the premarital agreement — you must plan ahead for the day when this system no longer serves your needs and you will want to be able to easily move your entire inventory data and sales history data to your new system.

Purchase your online point of sale system from a company that has a reasonably stable history and expected future (click here to view online point of sale of one of such reliable companies); orphan software that breaks down or starts garbling your data can cause enormous unplanned-for expenses.

A poorly-designed or simply ill-suited online point of sale system can be a daily management headache; a good one that fits well with your business can be your most valuable 'employee'.

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