Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is online point of sale 2

Today, there is a new twist to point of sale strategy. Self-serve kiosks are increasingly used in supermarkets and other retail outlets. The POS terminal allows the customer to scan each item before placing it into a bag, automatically applying discounts or sale prices to each scanned item. Once the customer has scanned and bagged the purchases, the system calculates the taxes and offers the customer several choices in payment method. When cash is used, the retail point of sale software logs the amount of cash deposited and issues any change due the customer. As with the more traditional POS systems, this self-service model also provides the customer with an itemized receipt of the transaction.

Online Point of sale software is found in other retail situations. There are retail online point of sale systems designed for use in bookstores, flea markets, and airports. Restaurant online point of sale equipment includes automated ordering kiosks that the customer can use to place an order and submit payment.

Over time, online point of sale devices have become increasingly popular, showing up at hotels, casinos, sports stadiums, and similar venues. Technology has also made the point of sale an option for online purchasing, making it possible to purchase goods at online stores and pay for them immediately.
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