Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is online point of sale

Also known as the point of service or POS, the online point of sale is the exact point in a transaction when goods or services are provided to the customer and payment is rendered for those products. While the specifics of a point of sale system will vary somewhat from one situation to another, the final outcome is always the same. Today, there are professionals who analyze and develop tools that help to create an environment for the exchange to take place, many of them related to specific retail situations.

One of the most basic point of sale systems is found in the supermarket. This POS system consists of the check out counter, a scanner, and the cash register. As each item is scanned, the system notes the cost. Once all the items selected by the customer are scanned, the system calculates the taxes applicable to the purchases and provides the customer with the total amount due. The customer renders payment, which the point of sale hardware logs, generating a receipt of the transaction for the customer.
Same system could be done as the web application- in that case such system will be called online point of sale system.
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